Gas Pipeline from Broke to Liddell Power Station

10 April, 2007


















The route

The link below takes you to the proposal, which has now been approved, for the construction of a pipeline from a mine 1 km north of Broke to Liddell Power Station to take waste coal seam gas to Liddell.

This is a BIG report containing a lot of detail.

To summa rise ....

The intention is to construct the pipeline on existing mine properties and farm land, following and crossing the main roads.

Whilst the impact of the pipeline on the environment will be minimal, there is a hidden future aspect.

A downside from our point of view is that  this pipeline will give SGL /AGL an easy way of delivering gas from wells bored in the Hunter Valley to Liddell power station and thus make the gas bore drilling project even more potentially viable.

On the whole this should have more up than down side as one of our arguments against SGL's gas exploration in our beautiful valley is that before destroying local communities to explore for gas, it is more logical to extract the gas from coal mines which is currently either being vented into the atmosphere or flared off. Both "disposal" methods not only waste available energy but have subsequent environmental costs.

It may take government legislation to force the use of this otherwise wasted byproduct of the mining operations. But surely use of this gas should be explored before drilling holes in the horticultural and agricultural landscape of the Hunter Valley.

Pipeline route (blue dashed line)

The dark blue line with the white spots is the actual pipeline to be constructed.The proposed route goes from Broke, near Bulga, Warkworth, Lemington, Camberwell and Ravensworth to Lidell. Unfortunately, the picture above is not very clear but you can see all the details on the page 8 of the original PDF document: