19 March, 2007





Climate Change Effects of Methane





Research shows that a gas well on your land will reduce  the value of your land by about 22%. 

The Hunger Bulga Gas Action Group believes that this loss of land value could be even more in our area because of the terms of the Access Agreements which Sydney Gas/AGL wants landholders to sign. 

The Access Agreement terms contain very severe conditions on the landholder including: 

·        Giving Sydney Gas/AGL an interest in your land, and they can register their interest on your title deeds;

·        Forcing you to obtain from a buyer of your land an agreement that the buyer will be subject to the same agreement from Sydney Gas to access the land;

·        Allowing Sydney Gas/AGL to occupy and drill your land for decades, building roads, mudponds, gas gathering lines and maybe even erecting temporary buildings and toilet blocks.


Sydney Gas has said that this won’t affect your land value. 

What do you think? 

Would you buy a property with a Sydney Gas/AGL Access Agreement hanging over it?


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