2 April, 2007







A spin doctor


Encounter with Ms. Hind Kourouche

On 28th March, 2007 two of our members rather serendipitously encountered Hind Kourouche in the main street of Singleton and had a chat.  For those of you who don’t know of Kourouche, she is an employee of Sydney Gas and based part-time in Singleton.

It was a strange conversation.  We’re not sure why she said a lot of things she did.  We don’t know, you try and work it out from the following:

She said, amongst many other things:

  • That she had gathered a lot of information about certain members of our Group, which she named, and then outlined that information;

  • That she was aware of the dealings between one of our members and a mining company, and then gave some detail;

  • That she is now living in Singleton three days per week;

  • That she is currently staying with the President of the Singleton Chamber of Commerce and even cooking some meals for her;

  • That she knew the Broke Village Store had been sold;

  • That even though she is in Singleton three days a week she hasn’t contacted our Group because she didn’t know where our “office” was?;

  • She hasn’t replied to the letters we wrote directly to the Managing Director because she has been spending too much time in Singleton (sort of confirms that the MD doesn’t have much time for us, doesn’t it);

  • That she has spoken to a Broke landholder and even obtained a copy of his speech to a  HB GAG community meeting;

  • That she was aware that there would be subsidence after the SIS fracturing of coal seams, an announcement she retracted in a telephone message the following day;

  • That she didn’t expect the core hole drilling in Inlet Road to start at the end of March but rather towards the end of April.

Make what you like out of it.  Seems a little odd.


A united community stopped Sydney Gas exploration in the Wyong Shire, and we can do it here.



A quote from the current CEO of Sydney Gas, Dr. Phillip Moore, at the AGM in December, 2006 and also a quote from the Deputy Director General, Mineral Resources in February, 2007.


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