27 March, 2007





Preparations for drilling have started








a tiny pin hole ...






Sydney Gas/AGL want to:

·                    Explore for coal seam methane gas by drilling through the water tables risking contamination and/or reduction of the ground water and the Wollombi Brook;

·                    Drill over 300 production wells about 500 metres apart;

·                    Inject about 30 million (30,000,000) litres of fresh drinking water into the coal seams – enough to provide for 1500 Singleton families for one year – and in a severe drought;

·                    Carry the fresh water in and the polluted water out by tanker, some 60,000 over narrow roads where we travel and where school buses travel;

·                    Build a gas treatment plant;

·                    Flare off methane gas during the exploration stage, this chased the birdlife out of the Yarramalong Valley;

·                    SGL/AGL will be here for decades risking the community and devaluing land, possibly making it unsaleable.

·                    This is only a taste – there will be noise, dust, road building, mudponds, gas gathering lines and pipes, flares, pits, dams, tanks, containers, grease, diesel, petrol, perhaps office buildings and toilet blocks on land being used by SGL/AGL, and more. 

Don’t sign with Sydney Gas/AGL
.  They CANNOT come onto your property without a written Access Agreement.


When you are approached by SGL/AGL,  HB GAG will arrange FREE LEGAL ADVICE for you, referring you to a solicitor retained by the Group, or you should see your own Solicitor.  SGL/AGL will tell you the agreement and their correspondence with you is confidential.  IT IS NOT, unless you sign their Agreement.

CONTACT HBGAG if SGL/AGL contact you.