19 March, 2007



Sydney Gas has signed an Access Agreement with a landholder at Bulga. HVPA can provide free legal advice.

On the last effective business day before Christmas, Sydney Gas applied to the Department of Mineral Resources for approval to drill a core hole seeking Methane Gas on that property.

Approval was given by the Department on 23.1.2007. 

Sydney Gas did this application without reference or notice to the community;  without an Environmental Impact Statement which has been continually asked for by both the community and also by Singleton Council.

This is typical of the secrecy surrounding the activities of Sydney Gas which is only creating a climate of fear in the community: fear of the unknown; fear that both our underground and surface water will be compromised; fear that properties neighbouring the property into which the core hole is to be drilled will be affected; fear of escape of this toxic methane gas, and of explosion.

Sydney Gas steadfastly refuses to provide information to the community to settle those fears.

If you are approached by Sydney Gas with an access agreement, we can provide FREE LEGAL ADVICE through solicitors retained by the Hunter Bulga Gas Action Group, or you can see your own Solicitor.  Landholders must know their rights, otherwise you might find sign a document: which gives away your legal protection; which gives Sydney Gas an  interest in your land; which allows Sydney Gas to put a restriction on your title; which allows Sydney Gas to occupy and drill your land for decades, building roads, mudponds, gas gathering lines and maybe even erecting temporary buildings and toilet blocks.

If your neighbour signs one of these agreements, then Sydney Gas could undermine your land from that neighbour’s well site without needing any permission.

We must work together NOW to stop Broke and Bulga becoming a field of gas wells.