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Hi all,


At the instigation of HB GAG, Minister McDonald has established the "Bulga Gas Exploration Project Community Consultative Committee".


He has appointed The Hon Pam Allan as the chair.  The remainder of the committee will comprise of representatives from Singleton Council, the Department of Primary Industries Mineral Resources Division, Sydney Gas Ltd., and up to 4 community representatives.


Appointment to the committee will be for an initial period of 2 years.  It is an honorary position, there will be no payment to the representatives.


Nominations for appointment close on 24th August, 2007.


It is anticipated that the selection criteria will be much the same as for Coal Mine CCCs, viz: willingness to contribute constructively; experience and ability to provide feedback to the community and stakeholder groups; current residence in the local area; awareness of local and other relevant issues.


If you wanted to nominate and would like some assistance with your nomination, feel free to contact Barry Smith on 65791177 or Graeme Gibson on 65791062 or Bob Kennedy on 65791360.




Bob Kennedy.